iPass expands Wi-Fi Hot spot Footprint in India

Working together with Spectranet which has its own fiber network in the country, iPass is expanding their Wi-Fi footprint to capture the rapidly rising mobile business traveller in India. As India’s Wi-Fi base expands exponentially and business travel continues to grow amidst airport modernization and intense connectivity across nation’s cities, iPass senses a need to harness the opportunity of offering extended roaming services.

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AT&T takes Wi-Fi higher – 26K Hot Spots in US!!

att_wi-fi_infographicMore and more consumers are connecting to Wi-Fi from their smartphones and mobile devices, and an increasing number of businesses are offering hotspots at their locations. The skyrocketing growth in connections on the AT&T Wi-Fi network —the nation’s largest tells the tale!!

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Boingo Introduces New Unlimited Wi-Fi Plan for Asia Pacific -Connects 145000 HotSpots across region

Boingo Wireless, the Wi-Fi industry’s top provider of software and services worldwide, has launched a new unlimited Asia Pacific Wi-Fi access plan for laptops that is tailored to customers connecting primarily in the Asia Pacific region, including continental Asia and Australasia.

“Boingo Asia Pacific” gives laptop users unlimited access at more than 145,000 hotspots in Asia Pacific for $11.95 (USD) per month, with large numbers of hotspots in China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Usage outside the designated region is billed at $0.12 to $0.18 per minute and includes more than 200,000 additional hotspots across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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iPASS unveils Wi-Fi Exchange for global Wi-Fi Roaming, off-load services

iPass Unveils Wi-Fi Exchange for Service Providers to Deliver Seamless Global Wi-Fi Roaming and Data Offload Services

iPass Inc. IPAS 0.00% today announced the iPass Open Mobile Exchange(TM) (iPass OMX(TM)), a carrier-grade platform for service providers to extend core mobility and Internet offerings by integrating Wi-Fi with 3G and 4G, allowing providers to seamlessly connect customers to preferred Wi-Fi networks. The platform incorporates the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi network with a highly reliable authentication and transaction settlements infrastructure, allowing providers to introduce new services to capture the rapidly growing Wi-Fi enabled devices market.

Tonse – Exactly what you would expect from a global leader in Internet roaming! This is going to make life a lot easier to service providers who want to further assist international roaming subscribers. This should also provide default Wi-Fi footprint + additional choices in visiting networks! More details awaited… Sridhar Pai

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Wireless Broadband Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance® Collaborate on Hotspot Innovations

The Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) have announced plans to collaborate in order to harmonize their programs related to Wi-Fi hotspot ease of use and roaming. WBA’s inter-operator Wi-Fi roaming efforts and Wi-Fi Alliance’s planned certification program for Wi-Fi equipment will be developed with close coordination between the two groups to help ensure the best user experience.

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KDDI rolls out Ruckus Wi-Fi gear to offload cellular data – backhaul is WiMAX

KDDI to roll out 100,000 hotspots
Japan’s KDDI is installing more than 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots that smartphone users will be connected to automatically for data services, offloading traffic from KDDI’s cellular network.
The operator is using equipment from Ruckus Wireless and has already installed 10,000 access points. It is able to install the access points quickly in part because it is using WiMax for the back-haul. By mid-2012, it expects to have more than 100,000 access points installed, according to Ruckus, which plans to announce the project Tuesday.

Tonse comment –
This news is not new and appeared in LR about 2-3 weeks ago. Key here is to notice that KDDI being CDMA network has a different form of Authentication not used in GSM – also Ruckus’ auto configuration smarts allow several advanced features on to KDDI network thus enabling faster roll-outs.


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IntelliNet extends Off-load eco-system with successful Wavion Interop

IntelliNet’s Wireless Services Gateway and Wavion‘s Beamforming-based Wi-Fi Base Stations successfully demonstrated inter-operability and established secure, seamless data offload session between licensed 3G network and a Wi-Fi network.

Wavion’s carrier-grade, unique and powerful two-way Beamforming with 802.11n base stations provide extended range, higher throughput and superior Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) coverage ensures the widest homogeneous coverage and indoor penetration using a significantly lower number of base stations per given area.

IntelliNet’s carrier grade I-WLAN compliant WSG builds routing intelligence on traffic from a Wi-Fi path based on operator-provided policy. Since the operator’s core network requires trusted device access, the WSG also enables authentication to the core network and secure transport access.

Link to Press Release here:

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